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Patches Moroccan Wool Rug

Patches Moroccan Wool Rug

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Articture | Made in the Atlas Mountains

Of all the types of rugs in the world, Beni Ourain may be the most revered.

Traditionally Beni Ourain rugs were used as bed-coverings by the Berber Tribespeople from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These villages are renowned for their world class rugs weavers. The sheep that live in these mountains have developed exceptionally soft wool. 

However, their thick and fluffy wool pile makes for an ideal floor covering, and Modern interior designers have embraced tribal rugs as a source of color and character to ground a room.

Articture’s partnership with a group of weavers in the Shilhah tribe has allowed us to bring a modern twist on the traditional Moroccan styles. Our commitment to modern and contemporary design principles , combined with thousands of years of rug-making techniques has resulted in a collection that we honestly believe, might be our best yet.

Get your Square Patches Rug Today.  

As each rug is handmade in Morocco, production will take about 6-8 weeks.

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