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Clear Honeycomb Wooden Epoxy Table

Clear Honeycomb Wooden Epoxy Table

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Clear Honeycomb Epoxy Tables, made by Articture.

This beautiful table has a clear epoxy fill that complements the honeycombed walnut pieces beautifully. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece and brings more personality to your room than a normal table ever could.

All our epoxy tables use black walnut slabs, which in our opinion, is the gold standard material for epoxy tables. Although black walnut it is one of the most expensive woods to buy in North America, it is for good reason - it's incredible hardness, grain pattern, and ability to take absorb stains well, creates a beautiful piece of art that is extremely durable.

This table can be chosen as a dining table or a coffee table by choosing the height.

We have standard leg options available in the pictures, and can also do full fabrication for customization. Please note down your leg option in the order notes and preferred method communication - we will be in touch regarding your order.

We are capable of full customization of dimensions, shape, and slab. Please reach out to us if you'd like a custom piece. Due to incredibly high demand, secure your order today to ensure earliest delivery within the allotted time.

For customization requests and trade discounts please call (289)-216-8302

All of our tables are made to order and require 3-4 weeks of production prior to shipment.

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