About us

Proudly located and shipped from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA

In a nutshell our mission and goal is to develop the top quality products and ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Aromifier – For shoppers with a discerning eye toward quality. Our customers aren’t afraid to be noticed and we’ve built our business on the belief that premier luxury accessories and an internet storefront specializing in only the finest quality, stylish and advanced products shouldn't empty your wallet, So we continue to serve you the newest products for the best prices.

Concierge Customer Service means never having to wonder where your order is or when to expect it. If you’re not happy we're not happy, feel free to send us an email if you have an questions at aromifierteam@gmail.com

We ethically source all of our materials and ensure they are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way. The workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly and environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the entire process