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Zakohani Chandelier

Zakohani Chandelier

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Zakohani (from Ukr. — "закохані", Eng — "in love") is a collection of clay lamps inspired by ancient Ukrainian traditions and crafts. It includes table lamps, sconces and chandeliers in three colours and sizes. On the territory of Ukraine, pottery has been known since the Neolithic period (VII-V millennium BC). Ukrainians have plastered their houses with clay; they ate from dishes made of clay, and whole generations of Ukrainian children played with clay toys. Today, clay symbolises remembrance of one's roots, history and home.

Why Zakohani (in love)? The shape of the lights resembles two figures gently clinging to each other. And even if such a figure is just by itself, it still loves. Because together or alone, they are still in love.
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