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Rossi PVC Wall Panel (Set of 12)

Rossi PVC Wall Panel (Set of 12)

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Take home renovations into your own hands with this PVC wall paneling. These panels are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, allowing even the most novice DIY-ers to create beautiful and luxurious spaces in their homes! These versatile tiles are made of PVC and come in numerous designs to match any decor in your home. They are easy to cut, simply use scissors or utility knife, and can be installed using construction adhesive or double-sided tape. Waterproof, rust-proof, and mold-proof, the products are created with you in mind. You'll be grateful for your choice, even years down the road!

Note: Production times can take anywhere between 15-20 days. Fast shipping options are available upon request, with the standard shipping time being 30 days.

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