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A Simple Guide To Self-Care eBook *Bundle Deal*

A Simple Guide To Self-Care eBook *Bundle Deal*

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Amazing, Life-Changing Value Inside..

the entire bundle includes:

A Simple Guide To Self-Care eBook *Bundle Deal* - MojobakMojobakA Simple Guide To Self-Care eBook *Bundle Deal*A Simple Guide To Self-Care eBook *Bundle Deal*

Self-Care Blueprint

Obsessed with the idea of self-care but need some inspirationto guide your way? The Self-Care Blueprint is a digital e-book of the best self-care tips, tricks, and tools to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Contains 12 chapters of juicy secrets of all the tips & tricks you need to jump-start your own self-care practice.


✓ Exactly How To Make Self-Care Work For Your Lifestyle

✓ The Ten Dimensions Of Self-Care And Why They're Important

✓ What Self-Care Really Is (It Might Not Be What You Think!)

✓ And Much More...

Affirmations Toolkit

Take that idea that's been sitting in your target notebook for months and think "let's try it" without talking yourself out of it. Learn how to improve your mindset on a daily basis with a practical guide to affirmations

Contains over 101 affirmations of that you can use scientifically backed that will change your mindset.


✓ How To Use Affirmations (The Right Way)

✓ Getting Your Negative Nancy Under Control

✓ Becoming More Sure Of Yourself

✓ And Much More...

My Self-Care Journal

The Self-Care Journal is designed to help you align your mind, body, and soul so that you can become a happier, healthier, and more balanced you.

The exercises, questions, and planners in this journal will help you get clear on your vision for balance and teach you how to nourish your mind, body, and soul every single day


✓ Break Through Obstacles That Have Been Holding You Back From Achieving Balance

✓ Design A Self-Care Action Plan That You Can Revisit Again And Again To Finally Feel Like You're In Control Of Your Life

✓ Daily Reminders And Exercises

✓ And Much More...

Daily Self-Care Checklist

A printable daily checklist template to help you elevate your thoughts, improve your confidence, and move you closer to your goals (before you even started your day). With this daily checklist framework, you'll be able to start your day with a positive, calm, and motivated state of mind.

No matter what you do, your mind feels like an unclear and negative space. You crave on easier way to stay focused in the morning when your mind's already foggy. That's where the daily checklist journal comes in...


✓ Build Your Confidence And Self-Belief

✓ Calm Your Mind And Stop Worrying

✓ Get Your Mind Into A Positive And Focused Place Before You Start Your Day

✓ And Much More...

Self-Care Tools & Tips Templates

Editable self-care templates to help you cultivate positive daily habits, improve your mental clarity, and achieve your goals with ease. With these versatile self-care tools, you can customize your daily routine and supplement all the other self-care e-books included in the bundle.

These templates provide a framework for self-reflection, mindfulness, and motivation that will help you start each day with clear and positive mindset. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or just need a little guidance, these editable templates offer a practical solution to staying focused and aligned with your goals.


✓ Helps Cultivate Positive Habits

✓ Easy-To-Use And Versatile

✓ Enhances Motivation And Goal Achievement

✓ And Much More...

+ you get a bonus keto bundle only for today!

No Bullish*t Keto

The perfect blueprint to getting that dream body through the magic of keto and mental strength.

Contains 8 chapters of how to get started with keto and how to fit in an effective workout around your busy life.


✓ Learn The Ins And Outs Of Keto

✓ Create The Perfect Workout Plan

✓ Multiple Recipes For Keto

✓ And Much More...

Keto Tracker Templates

Kick-start your weight loss journey and stay on track, from meal planning and grocery lists to daily tracking and recipe cards.

These templates provide a framework for self-reflection, low-carb diet, and motivation that will help you reach your fitness and physical goals.


✓ Help Cultivate Good Habits

✓ Keep An Eye Out On Your Intake

✓ Multiple Recipes For Keto

✓ And Much More...

whether you've...

- Read all the self-help books at the library

- Listened to all the podcasts on iTunes

- Tried to convince yourself that everything's going great when in fact you're on the verge of a meltdown

You're not a negative person. You've just got a lot of pressure on your shoulders right now.

for the price of lunch...

are you ready to be a self-care pro?

Mariah Zak - "I read this everyday if not every other day when I wake up and it helps my self confidence immensely!"

Johanna Rivers - "I looked for ebooks like this online and could not find any. There are so many books about self care and calendars and planners all in one for the price it was an absolute STEAL!"