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44-Day Self Care Tracker

44-Day Self Care Tracker

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Let Us Help You Get Your Mojo Back

We pride ourselves on empowering women and instilling confidence within them through our E-books.

❤️ The 44-Day Self Care Tracker ❤️

Life can be hectic. do you ever feel like you are so busy day to day that you sometimes forget to even finish the essentials on your list? Like taking care of your own body and mind? Drinking a glass of WATER, perhaps? Our 44-Day Self-Care Tracker is the perfect way to track your progress and be held accountable for your health, mentally and physically!

🌼 Daily Reminders: Stay on track with gentle daily reminders for self-care activities.
🌟 Accountability Partner: Hold yourself accountable and track your progress over 44 days.
💧 Hydration Boost: Ensure you're drinking enough water every day for improved vitality.
📝 Goal Setting: Set achievable goals and watch your accomplishments grow.
🧘 Mindfulness Practice: Incorporate mindfulness into your routine for mental clarity.
💪 Consistency Matters: Cultivate positive habits through consistent, intentional actions.
🎯 Focused Intentions: Channel your energy toward self-care with purposeful intent.
🌞 Boosted Mood: Experience improved mood and positivity as self-care becomes a habit.
🌿 Stress Relief: Combat daily stress by dedicating time to self-care practices.

These pages are intended for you to print out, glue into a journal or staple together, and filled out throughout the year!

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