1. What should I look into before buying an essential oil diffuser buy?

You need to look for the one that will help you to break down the essential oil into finer mist and can break down both lighter and heavy essential oils. Make sure it does not corrode with a little use and proposes better usability with their features.

2. Does it come with auto shut off feature?

Yes, our essential oil diffusers of today require having an auto shut off as it is not possible to operate the diffuser manually in the midst of your sleep. So it must come with the great feature of auto-shut off which switches on as soon as the water limits starts to fall.

3. What should be the capacity of the essential oil diffuser?

It solely depends on the users, the container ranges from 75ml to 500 ml capacity at present. With varying capacity comes the variant running time. If you want a good 8 hours of sleep you can use a higher capacity diffuser, but if you want to calm your senses for awhile use our smaller ones.

4. Should we use undiluted oils or use diluted oils?

It is essential to use diluted oils as it helps the users keep their diffusers safe from ugly and untimely corrosion thus increases its longevity.

5. Should the diffuser contain light?

It is highly benefitting for those kids who loves a spark of light while they sleep. The LED light rotates to give calm and soothing light to give you an enervating experience. For those who do not love light, you get an automated switch to click on the “Power-Off” button.

6. What type of water we should use in the diffuser?

Well, this is one of the common questions, which people ask about diffusers. Since the water is the base content to dilute the essential oil so the users must be perfect in selecting the water. Make sure you do not use distilled water. It is better to use unfiltered tap water or the unit needs to be cleaned because oils cling to ceramic disc or sensor.

7. How will you clean the device?

When it comes to cleaning the device, you must make sure that the power if completely shut-off. Make sure that all the essential oil has been used.

8. Is it safe to inhale the mist?

Yes, the essential oil is broken down into finer mist as it helps to absorb easily by our body. There is no harm in inhaling the mist, it rather ads therapeutic benefits that you were looking for so long.

9. How will you avoid corrosion?

Well, this is one of the important questions. You must look for those diffusers that have a firm

base as it restricts the device to get leakage with too much of oil and burning of the same.

10. How many drops of oils should be used?

Depends but the device demands not more than 3-5 drops of oils or else it will corrode. This will keep the solution diluted and easier to spread across the room. Small drops of oil also ensure that your other profession keeps a tab on it.